Together for Mental Health is a cross-Government Strategy setting out our goals for improving mental health and mental health services in Wales. It sets out the Welsh Government’s ambitions for improving mental health and it’s vision for 21st century mental health services. It is the first Mental Health Strategy that covers all ages; children and young people, adults of working age and older people.  As a result, this Strategy should ensure that transfers between services are based on need and not on artificial age boundaries. It replaces those former age-based strategies and National Service Frameworks (NSFs).

It looks to promote the mental wellbeing of all people in Wales and to ensure that people with mental health problems and mental illness get the support they need.

This Strategy is based on a human rights approach and is an important step in supporting the rights of children and young people under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. (UNCRC) The Strategy has been written through engagement and consultation with key partner agencies, service providers, service users and carers.

This document is the full strategy document published in October 2012.

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    01 October 2012


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