We are delighted to announce that Practice Solutions Ltd. have been awarded the tender to support the Wales Mental Health and Wellbeing Forum for the next 3 years.

Since the Forum started working on the contract with Practice Solutions Ltd. (PSL) we have gone from strength to strength and a huge part of this has come from the fact that Practice Solutions have instilled in members that it is our Forum and we should lead the direction of the work and how this looks in the future. We are then able to use the knowledge and experience of their staff to inform and guide us in the best way forward when developing our projects.

Since we started working with Practice Solutions there has been lots of exciting developments. The Forum changed its name from the National Mental Health Forum to the Wales Mental Health and Wellbeing Forum as this felt it better represented us, as our work focus on what happens within services in Wales. We also designed our own logo and branding which is now used on our promotional material and on our social media platforms and this enables us to create a professional image when speaking to organisations.

With guidance from PSL staff we also established separate working groups to work alongside the Quarterly meetings and these included Communications & Marketing, Future Planning and Recruitment, Reward & Engagement. These groups enable us to focus on particular aspects of the Forum such as designing a logo or our website, promoting the forum and attending events and then these proposals and ideas are taken to the main Quarterly meeting for agreement and voting by all members.

Another huge part of our growth has involved the development of the Forum website which allows us to inform people about our work, share good news stories, promote events and publish some of the papers that the forum have produced. We have also been privileged in having forum members share their mental health journey through producing digital stories which can be so powerful in highlighting the issues that people with mental health face.

We are looking forward to continuing our work with Practice Solutions and seeing where our future journey takes us. Onwards and upwards…

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